• Market in Quibala / Michelle Vasconcelos Design & Art Studio

Architects: Michelle Vasconcelos Design & Art Studio  
Location: Kwanza Sul, Quibala,  Angola
Project Team: Collaboration: Equipo 01 Architects, Consultants: GV 408 Architects, Rafael French (structures); Esdicain
Interior Décor: Michelle Vasconcelos Design & Art Studio
Project Year: 2013
Photographer: Michelle Vasconcelos Design & Art Studio
Website: www.michellevasconcelos.com

From the Project Architects:
In all aspects description, the market of Quibala which is a Municipality in Angola was literally transported from Spain in sea containers.

Market in Quibala / Michelle Vasconcelos Design & Art Studio

From the very start, the project was marked by the need to optimize the space inside the containers, and the solution adopted was a system of trusses with dimensions making it possible to ship forty-six of them, packed in pairs, in a single container. That is, the 30 square meters within the container could take in the 1,800 square meters of the building’s sheds.

Market in Quibala / Michelle Vasconcelos Design & Art Studio


The result was a completely modular system with the flexibility to adapt to the changing needs of a marketplace.

Market in Quibala / Michelle Vasconcelos Design & Art Studio

Form wise, the roofs of undulating sheet metal were placed in such a way that openings were created, and these were closed up with panels of translucent poly-carbonate for light to enter through, while louvers on the facade facilitate ventilation and give the building a chromatic character of strong local reminiscences, accompanied by powerful graphics that help the predominantly illiterate local population identify the selling areas.

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